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The Searial Cleaners

Stop wondering, start cleaning


Finding yourself face to face with a piece of waste floating on the surface of the water during a walk along the seashore is really nothing to sneeze at…


We deserve better than to live in an ashtray or in the middle of our garbage…


Cleaning and restoring the coastline to live in a preserved environment…

Our cleaners

A range of innovative and complementary products to collect plastic waste on the coast

Beach screener

Fixed waste collector

Mobile waste collector

Bubble barrier

Beach cleaner

90% of plastic waste comes from the coast.

Many of them end up buried or mixed with the sand, often in the form of micro particles that are difficult to dislodge with “classic” collection techniques.

The Searial Cleaners, in collaboration with 4Ocean, has developed the BeBot screening robot, a real plastic waste finder on fine sand beaches…

The Pilot Program

The Searial Cleaners carries in its DNA a  strong sense of togetherness. At TSC we believe in inclusive and holistic strategies for battling marine waste pollution.

Fixed waste collector

The Collec'Thor is up and running

Developed by our research department, this robot collector is fixed on the pontoon and produces an effect of aspiration of the waste by playing on the water level at the level of the collecting tank…

A range of innovative and complementary products to collect plastic waste on the coast

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